Thursday, 20 February 2014

Opening Sequence - Mise-en-Scene

The mise-en scene will have a huge effect on the audience when it comes to our opening sequence. The opening scene with the two boys (Taylor and Lewis) walking towards the restaurant, talking, should be bright and busy to make it seem causal and so that the audience does not suspect anything weird. However they should both be smartly dressed suggesting that they are about to go somewhere quite important. Then when they arrive for the lunch, chatty and cheerful a classy restaurant setting with me sitting along dressed possibly in red to alert the audience top some kind of foreshadowing danger could then make them realise that something is going wrong and then the stillness to reflect the shock and the surrounding quietness will emphasise the surprise at what has happened to the two men sinks in. The colour red may be related to Curley's wife from 'Of Mice and Men' as she is always dressed in red or wearing red to foreshadow the danger she causes amongst the men.

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