Monday, 27 January 2014

Risk Assessment

As we will be filming in areas filled with public its a risk that people may get in the way or we could be causing an obstruction while filming. Therefore we need to ensure that we film in an area at a certain time of day that will mean there are less people around and that we are less likely to find it difficult to film certain scenes. Filming during a weekday at a time when most people are at school or working will mean that there will be a lot less people around which will be much more appropriate. Possibly a sunday could be a good option as shops close early and after that very few will be around as they will normally be home. This will mean there may not be anywhere open to film the restaurant table scene, but we need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to filming at certain times and then choose the right place to film our opening scene.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Film Music

Within a comedy and a romantic comedy at that music is likely to be fast pass and light and jolly to fit in with the mood that film producers are trying to create amongst the audience. Or tense high-pitched music could be used in the build up to a certain moment. In this Bridget Jones scene to fit in with the funny and romantic elements to this scene the music changes in accordance to what is happening within the scene to impact upon the audience and make them feel the mood of the scene as it goes from humorous to romantic. Sounds cringey, but yeah.

Children of Men (9/10) Movie CLIP - Miracle Cease Fire (2006) HD

This leads on from what i mention at the end of my last post. Background music and the filming technique can make all the difference when it comes to impact on the audience.

Children of Men

url.jpgLast night i watched the film children of men and realised just how much of an influence sound and especially mise-en-scene can have upon a film. As a movie based in 2027, no human in the world is able to reproduce and illegal immigrants within England are either killed, deported or stuffed into refuge camps. The main character Theo helps his ex-girlfriend get a pregnant girl across the country to a save haven where she can give birth to her child and hopefully present the world with a new hope for life.
Set in London and large areas of countryside the grey, smokey and crumbling setting around Theo  other characters reflects the pain, suffering, despair and loss of hope as people feel as if they have nothing to work towards and the undeveloped city around Theo reflects exactly why they have nothing to work towards as the city looks as if it is progressing in no way whatsoever. Within the first few minutes a terrorist bombing attack takes place in a cafe that Theo visited only a moment ago full of saddened and hopeless people as the youngest person in the world is murdered.
url.jpgThe mise-en-scene is dirty and all adults appear empty and depressed as being the last generation makes life seem pointless to them. The happiness and fun of younger adults and children is vacant and the whole world is corrupt with terrorism and a loss of order. The film is extremely engaging and the cutting of sound and the intensity of the scene where the baby is carried through a group of soldiers is my favorite as it has a huge impact as the audience feels and senses the hope and happiness that the characters in the movie would have felt as they realise that there is a new chance at life and that something as simple as a baby can create peace and unification of the world

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mood Board

Alot of these movies were very successful highlighting how romantic comedy is a popular genre. However, although our opening sequence will be planned out it will not be of as high a quality. This mood board represents just a few famous romantic comedies. Using more modern romantic comedies to work with such as 'This is 40', 'Bridesmaids' and 'Warm Bodies' will allow us to create humor for a more modern audience as peoples humor towards romance and elements of a movie may have changed or developed over recent years.

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Three Act Structure

Final idea and settings for opening scene to movie

The chosen genre is romantic comedy and the plot is similar to the film 'This means war' in the way that two men fall in love with the same girl without realising. Although at the end both accidentally meet the girl at the same time and realise that they are both being played.
The settings will be basic and very character-focused to maintain the intensity of the moment when both male characters realise that they have been seeing the character. The settings will be light to ensure they have no effect on the mood of the film and only the actions and speech will have an effect on the audience. The filming will be done in the street as the two male characters walk towards the restaurant to meet the girl, they are having a conversation about the girls they have both met who they are planning to now meet and when they both walk into the restaurant tension rises as they both approach the table and look at the girl and eachother in confusion as the girl sits in shock as she realises that she has been caught. The two men will be friends which also means that the moment of realisation is intense as they cannot understand how they never realised what was really going on making the moment almost humorous.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Initital 25 Word Pitch Ideas

"Tom and Jerry think they have found 'The One' when meeting new partners but through their naivety are in a relationship with the same girl."

"Two friends who are in awe of their fantasy girl fight to save their friendship after discovering they are dating the same female."

"Sam who has the admiration from two close friends endures a series of ups and downs as she decided which boy she wants the most."