Monday, 9 December 2013


Today I sent out a survey so i can gain more understanding of what an audience really appreciates in a movie. So far me and my group have established the genre of our 2 minute opening sequence that we'll be creating as 'RomCom'. In general this genre appeals to most people as comedy and romance are 2 genres appreciated by most people and romantic comedies bring these two audiences together.
I've only included basic questions at the moment to test whether or not my group have decided on the right genre. Through separate research i've also noticed that music has a huge influence over the genre of a movie and romantic comedies definitely have elements of fast pace music to keep up with the humour and happiness, but music such as slow piano music is also used to create the gentle romantic moods throughout. Films such as the one below are the perfect example of romantic comedys with varying music to highlight the parts of the movie with comedy and the parts that are more concentrated on the romance.

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