Monday, 25 November 2013


Colouring has a huge influence over different film types and their genre. Horror films always tend to have a darker colour and the settings are quite often isolated to build tension in certain films. For example in 'The Conjuring' its filmed in a cold, eery winter setting. Most of the film is placed in an old isolated house which is also darkened and faded with age. All the mise-en-scene is also quite classic and dull, with dim-lit rooms and dark-coloured clothing.
Although then in contrast in films such as 'Up' created as a childrens and family film, there is alot of bright colouring. Although it is animated the setting, mood and props are usually quite happy and bright. Even negative parts of the story-line are kept light-hearted and bright with the film of the movie. The colouring of the mise-en-scene and shooting of the movie can have a direct influence over the genre it will be placed in and the mood it creates.

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