Monday, 21 October 2013

2 minute opening scene of 'Insidious'

Insidious was a horror film made in 2010. Its opening sequence is slow, dark and intense. It contains a building music that increases in pitch as an evil looking character is zoomed in on by the camera signifying its importance. The titles are in red font and fade into the darkened backgrounds and the film name towards the end of the 2 minute opening sequence suddenly appears in large bold writing with sudden high pitched music to provoke a surprise and frightened reaction from the audience. Also calm fading titles make the film name appear all the more shocking as it suddenly appears on screen with a glowing red and orange background, linking to hell and further emphasising how Insidious is a horror film.The opening sequence shows a scared child in bed and the house that the film is based in implying that the film is based on dreams and possibly nightmares that a child in the film suffers from.

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